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SuperMorph (Polymorph) - mouldable plastic pellets

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SuperMorph (a.k.a. Polymorph) is an amazing product that allows you to create your own craft products, tools, parts, robots, figurines, masks, moulds, prototypes, gifts ... and whatever you can put your mind to.

No DIYer should be without a drawer full of the stuff!


  1. Place hot water - at least 62°C - in a bowl. A glass bowl is best as you can see the pellets clearly.
  2. Wait for the pellets to melt.
  3. Use a fork to stir the melted pellets together.
  4. Carefully remove the polymorph using a fork. Give it a shake to remove most of the water.
  5. Use your hands or other equipment to create your project.
  6. Place it in cold water to harden.

If you don't like the result, stick the polymorph back into the hot water and let it melt again. SuperMorph can be reused multiple times.

Polymorph vs. SuperMorph

We discovered the hard way that not all polymorph is the same. Cheap polymorph has a short shelf life and finished projects break down quickly. When you melt some brands, the result is sticky mess that is impossible to manipulate. To get an attractive finish, pellets should be pure white, where cheaper brands are coloured cream. 

Our polymorph is super easy to use, super fast to melt, super pliable, super safe super versatile, and super colourful (when combined with the colour pack). Naturally we had to call our polymorph SuperMorph!


What does it cost to ship and how long will it take?

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How safe is SuperMorph?

Keep in mind that the temperature needs to be 62°C to melt. That's hot enough to hurt, especially younger hands. It's best to remove the melted pellets using a fork which allows most of the water to drain out. Give the fork a bit of a shake to remove remaining water. You can then safely mould it to shape.

The product itself is non-toxic and can be used for all projects including objects that come into contact with food.

Should I add the pellets to hot water or hot water to the pellets?

In theory it doesn't matter, but we recommend pouring the water into a bowl first to ensure it's not too hot. Then add the pellets to the water. 

Can I heat it at a higher temperature? 

Yes, but tread carefully. A higher temperature means it is more viscous which can be handy, especially when creating moulds. However it is obviously going to be hotter and therefore more difficult to handle. If it is exposed to extremely hot water, say straight from a boiling kettle, then it can turn into a sticky sludge.

What are the properties of SuperMorph?

The closest comparison is nylon. It's lightweight, yet extremely strong. It can be used indoors, outdoors and immersed in water. 

Will SuperMorph stick to other materials?

It is unlikely to stick well to glass, metal, ceramic, porcelain or teflon. It may stick to other plastics. The hotter it is when you apply it, the more likely it will stick. 

If SuperMorph sticks to something undesired, allow it to cool before attempting to remove it.

Are there examples of projects that are unsuitable for SuperMorph?

There are two aspects to consider; temperature and time. If the finished object is likely to be subject to temperatures greater than 60°C, there is a high chance it will melt. For example, using it inside a dishwasher or car is a bad idea.

Also polymorph is biodegradable. It will, after many years, start to become brittle. How many years will depend on where it is placed. If it is outdoors or in moist environment then it will last less than if it is indoors or a cool environment. As every situation is unique, it's impossible to quote an accurate lifetime, but it's probably fair to quote 10 years before it starts to weaken. 

Do I have to use hot water to melt SuperMorph?

No, but that's a safe and easy method. Continuously reheating a large project can become a pain, so you can try using a hairdryer, heat gun or butane torch. Keep in mind that these tools can produce much more heat than is required which could lead to undesired results and damage surrounding surfaces and objects.


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