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Bismuth Metal

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Bismuth is a dense metal that when melted and cooled transforms into crystals with a stunning array of colours. Like any DIY project, it takes some practise to get the result you're after, but if you're not happy, simply remelt the bismuth and start again.

Purity: 99.99% (4N)

Images show the possible outcome you can expect after melting and cooling. Bismuth is supplied as several raw chunks and scraps to total your ordered weight.


In order to grow crystals, you need to heat solid bismuth so it becomes a liquid, which occurs at a temperatures over 270°C. As with any DIY project, only you can decide if you have the skills and confidence to undertake this project. 

  • not for use by children
  • handle heat source and cooking equipment while wearing heat-proof gloves, safety glasses and an apron
  • remove jewellery


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