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Gallium is a fascinating metal that melts at a low temperature so it can be used for all sorts of DIY projects and fun. Just melt, manipulate and wait for it to cool again. The best part is if you don't like what you created, you can start over by melting it again.

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Project Ideas

  • Create objects using silicone moulds
  • Amaze your friends by creating a teaspoon that melts
  • Science experiments
  • DIY jewellery


  1. Pour hot water into a glass or ceramic bowl 
  2. Keep the lid on the container and drop it into the bowl
  3. In a few minutes, you'll notice the gallium start to turn into a liquid
  4. Remove the container, taking care of the heat of the water
  5. Remove container lid
  6. Point the container at your hand or a glass or ceramic bowl and gently squeeze the container to remove gallium

Once it's out of the container and returns to its solid state, you can reheat it by rolling it in your hands or with a hairdryer or blowtorch.


  • Supplied in plastic bottle
  • Nozzle is helpful for extracting desired quantity
  • Leak-proof design

We recommend you store unused gallium in the original container or a different plastic container. Gallium expands when it cools and will often shatter glass or metal containers.

The easiest way to get the gallium back into its container is to collect it using a syringe.


  • Although gallium is considered to be non-toxic, it can be a little messy to work with, so consider wearing latex or rubber gloves.
  • If you spill gallium, it will clean up from most hard surfaces, however as it smears easily, it can be a nuisance. We recommend you put scrap paper on your work surface for easy clean-ups.
  • Again, it is considered non-toxic, but no one wants excess metal in their body. Keep out of reach of children at all times and place any unused gallium in its original container.
  • Gallium will clean up pretty easily from a glass or ceramic bowl, but to be safe, consider using that bowl exclusively for your gallium projects and not for food use.
  • Technically, gallium is corrosive. It's unlikely to harm you but, it doesn't play nicely with aluminium and some other metals. Before working with gallium, remove any rings, bracelets or other jewellery that could come in contact. Don't place gallium on any valuable metal.
  • If you melt gallium at too high a temperature it can "superheat" and refuse to return to a solid at room temperature. It's therefore best to only heat it in hot water - not boiling water. However if does superheat, it should return to a solid if you place it in a freezer. 


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Symbol: Ga
Purity: 99.99% (4N)
Atomic number: 31
Atomic mass: 69.723
Melting point: 29.7646 °C
Boiling point: 2400 °C
Density: 5.91 g/cm


This guy made a fidget spinner from Gallium: 


Trick your friends with this melting spoon:


Create figurines using silicone moulds:

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