Acrylic Display Box

Brand: Robotime

Acrylic box to suit Robotime Miniature Rooms. Use this to protect and keep dust off your completed miniature room model.

Comes flat-packed, so assembly is required. Sides include notches that easily connect to each other. No glueing required.


Assembled size: to be confirmed

Fits models:

  • Balcony Daydreaming
  • Happy Camper
  • Ice Cream Station
  • SOHO Time


Assembled size: 263mm (L) x 219mm (W) x 232mm (H)

Fits models:

  • Alice's Dreamy Bedroom
  • Cathy's Flower House
  • Jason's Kitchen
  • Kevin's Studio
  • Locus's Sitting Room
  • Miller's Flower House
  • Sam's Study
  • Simon's Coffee


Assembled size: 321mm (L) x 251mm (W) x 286mm (H)

Fits models:

  • Dora's Loft
  • Lily's Porch
  • Cafe Encounter
  • Flower Shop
  • Loving Neighbourhood
  • School Days
  • Time Studio