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SuperMorph is an amazing plastic that melts at 62°C. Safely mould it with your hands into your desired shape. When it cools, it reverts to a hard plastic. Use it for DIY repairs, creating replacement parts and modelling.

The common name is polymorph, but we discovered the hard way that not all polymorph is the same. Our superior quality polymorph is:

Super easy to use
Super fast to melt
Super safe - it's non-toxic and can be used for food applications
Super colourful - when combined with the optional colouring pack
Super pliable - unlike other materials, it's quick and easy to form your desired shape
Super strong - it has a consistency similar to nylon
Super versatile - create figurines, DIY repairs, spare parts and robotics.

So our version of polymorph is called SuperMorph! 

    How to use SuperMorph

    SuperMorph instructionsSuperMorph instructions SuperMorph instructionsSuperMorph instructionsSuperMorph instructionsSuperMorph instructions