Copper Foil Tape

Brand: DIY Kits
SKU: CT-10

Looking for the best place to find 50mm wide copper tape in Australia? Well here's a 10 metre roll of 50mm wide copper foil shielding tape with adhesive backing. 

Possible uses:

EMI Shielding

This was the original reason we manufactured this product. Hundreds of guitars have eliminated hum thanks to our copper shielding tape. Its double-sided conductivity along with the ideal width and thickness makes this the perfect choice for amateur guitar builders and experienced luthiers. Also handy for other applications when you need to eliminate noise caused by electrical interference.

  • Width 50mm fits typical guitar pickup and control cavities nicely as well as the back of pickguards
  • Thickness 0.06mm perfect balance between strength and flexibility
  • Double-sided both the front and adhesive sides are conductive making it easy to maintain conductivity when overlapping tape
  • Cut-to-size - you can use conventional scissors to cut whatever length and width you need

    Arts & Crafts

    There are a bunch of arts and crafts that use copper tape. Search for copper tape projects on Google or YouTube.

    Snail and slugs

    Some swear by it, others aren't convinced but if you're willing to give it a go, this copper tape could protect your plants from pesky snails and slugs. The adhesive backing makes it easy to stick around your pots or boundaries. We're not guaranteeing it will work but you're more likely to succeed if you run a small current through the tape using a 9-volt battery.

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