Glass bottle neck cutter

Brand: DIY Kits

Standard glass bottle cutters are great at cutting the main body of bottles, but the nature of their design means they can’t cut the bottle neck. Now you can keep your upcycling obsession satisfied with this glass bottle neck cutter.

The adjustable centre rod allows you to cut at various heights giving you the ability to create short necks, long necks and everything in between. Just about any long, narrow necked bottle is suitable including beer bottles, wine bottles and champagne bottles.

Create your own glass guitar slides or combine the cutter with the optional stems to make your own shot glasses. Grow some plants from seed or make a mini vase. We can’t wait to see your unique creation!


Dimensions: height 160mm - 255mm (adjustable), width 75mm, depth 30mm

Weight: 130 grams

Shortest cut length: 18mm

Longest cut length: 118mm

Required bottle thickness: 2 - 8mm

Cutter working life: up to 30,000 meters depending on technique and glass quality

Stem dimensions: base 80mm diameter, top 15mm diameter, height 42mm (each)

Stem weight: 25 grams (each)


Like any product designed for DIY projects, it’s your responsibility to determine if you have the appropriate experience and skill to safely use it.

We recommend that this product is only used by adults.

When sanding glass, always use wet sandpaper or a method where the glass is kept wet or wear a dust mask. Sanding glass produces potentially dangerous dust particles and keeping the surface wet will reduce the likelihood of dust entering your lungs.


How do you use it?

  1. SCORE - Adjust the rod to your desired height, place it in the neck of your bottle, squeeze the cutter and rotate the bottle until the score line joins up.
  2. SPLIT - Dip the bottle into simmering water and leave it for about 1 minute. Then dip it into iced water and leave it for about 1 minute. The temperature shock will cause the glass to separate at the score line.
  3. SAND - Moisten some wet & dry sandpaper and polish the edges to a smooth finish.

Is it easy to use?

Like any DIY skill, it takes patience and practice to become a master craftsman. However this isn't a difficult project and we suspect that once you've had a go with 3 bottles, you'll have a good feel for the process.

How hard should I squeeze it?

The natural tendency is to use it gently, but you need to apply moderately firm pressure. While the bottle is being scored, you should hear a distinct grinding sound. As the score line meets, you'll often hear a click sound which is helpful to know when you're done.

How many times should I rotate the bottle while scoring it?

Once. Continually scoring over the same line produces poorer results.

Will it separate first go?

It depends on the quality of your score line and the thickness of the bottle. If it doesn't separate the first time, continue to swap it between the hot and cold water for 30 seconds at a time.

What types of bottles will it cut?

Any bottles that have a narrow neck such as beer, wine and champagne bottles. If you're hoping to cut a bottle that has a gentler tapered neck such as a glass juice bottle, you're better to use our standard glass bottle cutter.

Can I get additional stems?

Yes - here they are: shot glass stems

How sharp is the cutter?

Not very sharp and that's the case with all glass cutters. You'll find you can safely run your finger over the cutting blade.  It would be more accurate if the industry called these glass scorers. As described above, this "cutter" allows you to create a score line around the glass, at your desired position. You then shock the glass at that point to cause it to separate. The cutter - or scorer - is intentionally designed the way it is, because a sharper edge would become blunt quickly.

How long does the cutter last?

The cutter is durable enough to cut hundreds of bottles. 


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