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Whether you're looking for the perfect present for the person who has it all or are simply looking for a new hobby for yourself, our Metal Earth Starter Bundle is the perfect package for beginners.

Metal Earth Millennium Falcon before and after

This isn't just a bunch of random kits thrown together. These are the best kits to develop your building skills on your journey to becoming a Metal Earth master! Plus your experience is more enjoyable when you have the right tools so we include the genuine Metal Earth tool kit. When you're finished, show off your models with the genuine Metal Earth Solar Spinner.

This bundle saves you 18% off the individual prices. Here's what's included:

Big Ben

Big Ben

Big Ben is an iconic landmark and the perfect introduction to Metal Earth. Lots of straight edges and nothing too tricky. A satisfying experience that will have you saying "yeah - I can do this".


P-51 Mustang

Metal Earth P-51 Mustang

Model aircraft is almost as old as manned flight itself so we had to include an aviation kit. Learning how to build the curved cockpit and wheels of the P-51 Mustang will come in handy for future models.


Ferris Wheel

Metal Earth Ferris Wheel

The ferris wheel can evoke exciting childhood memories but, that's not the reason we've included it in this bundle. This model will further develop your skills as you repetitively bend the tabs in the 20 gondolas. While this can seem tedious, it's an important skill to perfect, so you're prepared for more advanced models.


Millennium Falcon

Metal Earth Millennium Falcon

This bundle would not be complete without a Star Wars model and we've included our best seller; the Millennium Falcon! While not the easiest model in the Star Wars collection to build, it's certainly the coolest. Besides, now that you've built the other kits in this bundle, you're ready for the challenge. By the time you finish this iconic masterpiece, you'll have become a Metal Earth addict.


Tool Kit

Metal Earth Tool Kit

In theory, you can get away with building Metal Earth models with just your fingers. However you'll enjoy the experience much more with this genuine Metal Earth toolkit. It includes side cutters for removing parts from the sheets and two styles of pliers to assist with manoeuvring the tabs.


Solar Spinner Display Stand

Metal Earth Solar Spinner

Complete the experience by showing off your completed models on this solar-powered display stand.


How difficult is it to build Metal Earth models?
Harder than assembling Lego but easier than building the real thing! That's not much help but it's an accurate answer because we all have different skills and experience. It's a significant step up from Lego and you will need patience as the parts don't magically click into place. You will require new skills but this is exactly why we put this bundle together. These required skills are developed by working through these starter models and not diving into something too difficult which would guarantee disappointment. 

What is the minimum age to build Metal Earth?
14. However if you are buying this for a child, you should consider their fine motor skills.

Can older people build Metal Earth?
You need steady hands and good eyesight. Good lighting and some form of vision amplification help. Mobiles have a magnifier feature (look for Accessibility) that is great for zooming into both the instructions and the kit.

Are any other tools required?
A pair of quality tweezers is helpful.

What is supplied with each Metal Earth kit?
Steel sheets with pre-cut parts and illustrated English instructions.


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  • Contains small parts
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