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Small Microwave Kiln Kit - 10 piece set

Brand: DIY Kits

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Discover the world of glass fusing with this microwave kiln kit. Everything you need to create your own beautiful jewellery.

The kit includes:

  • Standard microwave kiln (outer 12cm wide x 8.3cm high | inner 8cm wide x 4.5cm high)
  • 7 pieces of bullseye glass
  • 28 grams of dichroic glass
  • 28 grams of confetti glass
  • 28 grams of millefiori glass
  • 28 grams of glass frits
  • Glass cutter
  • 10 sheets of kiln paper
  • 1 pair of heat proof gloves
  • English instruction manual

The Kiln

The supplied kiln is large enough to fuse one or two projects at a time. Using the supplied glass cutter, you create your project by cutting glass shapes and layering them as you desire. You then place this arrangement onto a piece of supplied kiln paper and put this in the kiln. Then the kiln is heated in a conventional microwave for several minutes until the pieces have fused together to create your final project. More details are provided in the instructions.


WARNING: This is not a toy and not suitable for use by children.Serious damage to you and/or your property can occur if not handled correctly. The temperature inside the kiln can reach 900° Celsius. If you take care, have some patience and use common sense, creating your own glass projects is very enjoyable. Instructions are supplied, but at the end of the day, you are working with glass and extreme temperatures. You will minimise the chances of an accident if you follow the instructions, have an appropriate environment, wear sensible clothes and use safety equipment. However like anything you buy, you use this at your own risk. Consider your level of DIY experience and confidence before choosing to use this product.