Owl Clock

Brand: Robotime
SKU: LK503

Who gives a hoot? Everyone who admires this distinctive clock!

This dapper owl keeps perfect time. If you're up for a creative challenge and are seeking a timepiece that isn’t your usual traditional cookie-cutter clock, this exchanging owl clock is certain to amuse and delight you and all who see it.

This fine feathered friend is crafted with exquisite features - an elegant Roman numeral on its dial and accurate quartz movement. Tick. Tock. The timer-driven charming pendulum swings back and forth in a most entertaining manner!

This elegant Owl clock by Robotime will grace your home with its good looks and enthral you while you are constructing it. It makes a great gift for avian lovers - especially fans of wise, old owls.

  • Bell timer driven by spring (up to 30mins)
  • Accurate quartz movement powered by battery
  • Escapement fork pendulum structure
  • No glue required

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