Brand: Robotime
SKU: AM405

Construct a picture-perfect princess!

When it's time to pry your little ones away from their mobile phones and iPads, this lovely Princess hand crank music box wooden model kit is the perfect lure. Boys, girls, and adults of all ages love this kit because it engages the hands and brain in a fun and exciting manner. It's an entertaining and fun way for children to develop motor skills!

Participants experience an incredible feeling of accomplishment after this dashing princess music box is fully assembled. After completion, wind the spring and then sit back and soak in the delightful beauty of the rotating princess twirling around to the beat of the music!

This music box kit is an exceptional gift to present to family, friends, and lovers of all ages. It is the perfect birthday or special occasion gift to assemble and enjoy as a family or on one's own.

  • Original Design and Exquisite Technology - The Wooden music box kit uses original design and exquisite laser-cutting technology, each board after more than 12 screen printing process to ensure a clear pattern, full colour.
  • Audio-Visual Enjoyment and Entertainment - Place it on display in your home - it's a great conversation starter! Uses a high-quality serinette movement to play crisper music.