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Remote Controlled T-Rex

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Brand: Robotime
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Build this awesome remote controlled T-Rex your kids will love!

Get 'em off the screen and into a fun, hands-on activity. This DIY wooden dinosaur T-Rex model not only looks great when its built, it also walks at your command. Just clap to control its movement as it literally roars its way across the floor. 

This is a great parent/grandparent and child project to build together during holidays or over a wet weekend. The instructions are easy to follow.

The remote control operates using batteries and are not included. 


It Walks! It Roars!

A motor is included to control movement which is activated when you clap your hands. In true dinosaur fashion, it shows its displeasure with the world by roaring as it walks.

Or you can use the remote control to make the dinosaur move forwards and also move its body up and down.