Starry Night

Brand: Robotime

Get Merry!

This is a rotating merry-go-round like no other. Your adventure begins during the gratifying assembly experience in which you emerge wondering why the time sped by so fast! Once assembled, you become the proud owner of a cool, purple merry-go-round music box that was handcrafted with your very own hands!

Wind it up to enjoy the "It's a Small World" tune as the merry-go-round spins around and around! It is positively magical. The Starry Night merry-go-round kit by Robotime makes a captivating and very unique gift for hobbyist friends and relatives who love crafts involving manual assembly. When they see what you've built, they will surely want a kit for themselves.

  • Spinning merry-go-round playing music
  • Beautiful tune "It's A Small World" after wound up
  • Clear sound produced by high-quality music movement
  • Easy-to-follow English instruction manual