The Globe

Brand: Robotime
SKU: ST002

Explore an entire world of hands on making with The Globe by Robotime and you’ll be able to go anywhere your heart desires. Our giant kit will take you into the night sky with a dozen charming constellations, or back in time with the Eight Wonders of the World. Now you can be the intrepid explorer you’ve always wanted to be!

Want to explore a whole world of hands on creativity and making? Just make sure you leave yourself enough time to start your next adventure…

  • More than 550 pieces for a whole world of hands on fun
  • Large scale model is perfect for bringing endless adventure to any corner of your home
  • Comes complete with the Eight Wonders of the World — just when you thought you’d seen it all
  • Unlock your secret drawer with your very own constellation code for a kit that’s out of this world

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