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Wet & Dry Sandpaper Pack

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Our glass bottle cutters include a starter pack of quarter-sheet sandpaper for producing a smooth polish on the edges of your glass creations. This pack includes 5 lots of the same 4 grits of sandpaper, but in full-sized sheets (280 x 230mm). In other words, you're getting:

  • 5 x full-sized sheets - coarse
  • 5 x full-sized sheets - medium
  • 5 x full-sized sheets - fine
  • 5 x full-sized sheets - very fine

That's 20 sheets of wet/dry sandpaper in total which is enough to polish up to 100 bottles.

This is sent in a flat cardboard box which is perfect for storing the sandpaper.


  • Cut sheet into 4 quarters
  • Start with the coarsest grade (the lowest number on the back of the sandpaper)
  • Thoroughly wet the sandpaper and place on a surface
  • Place the glass on the sandpaper and move it around in a circular motion until it's much smoother
  • Sand the inside and outside edges of the glass
  • Repeat the sanding process with the other grits, working your way from the low numbers to the highest number

It is important to wet the sandpaper and keep it wet while sanding glass. This prevents glass dust particles from harming your lungs. Alternatively, wear a dust mask.

Cutting the sheets

We find that a quarter-sized sheet is perfect for this work. You can cut sandpaper using scissors, but this can quickly blunt the edge. A better option is to fold a sheet of sandpaper lengthways and then longways. Align the paper along the edge of a table and slowly tear it by hand along the fold line.