Purchase Orders

For Australian schools, universities and government

These days, most education providers and government departments have the ability to pay for small purchases using a credit card. However we understand that some are stuck with no alternative than to use purchase orders. In those cases we're happy to accommodate and we've supplied products such as polymorph, gallium and bismuth to schools, universities and government departments throughout Australia. Contact us first so we can confirm the price including shipping.

DIY Kits is owned by RickSure. Here are the details you need for your order:

RickSure Pty Ltd
PO Box 5118
Turramurra NSW 2074

Phone: 02 9402 6434
Email: info@diykits.com.au
ABN: 56 072 121 585 

Prices include GST and this will be noted on the supplied tax invoice.

We only offer this service for organisations that are forced to use purchase orders. We are unlikely to accept purchase orders from other institutions including businesses.