Polymorph Coloured Pellets

Brand: DIY Kits

Note that this listing is just for coloured pellets. You can also buy SuperMorph plus colour in one package.

This is the easiest way to colour your Polymorph project. Includes 5 colours x 3 grams each (15 grams total).

  • Includes 5 colours; black, blue, green, red, yellow
  • Pellets can be mixed to create any colour imaginable
  • Just 5 grams of pellets is enough to colour 1 kg of polymorph
How to use:
  • Add some pellets to the hot water as polymorph is melting.
  • Mix the melted polymorph and pellets together.
  • Continue to mix until the colour is very well combined.
  • Just like regular polymorph projects, if you're finding that you need more time to create your project, return it to the hot water to re-soften it at any time.
  • Although you don't need to use much, you need more than you think. Colours lighten significantly after Polymorph has cooled. If you need it darker, just reheat the polymorph, add more coloured pellets and mix it in well.
A little goes a long, long way!